Merawat Bayi Prematur Di Rumah {Sharing Mommy Ron}

You will never have this day with your baby again. Tomorrow he will be a little older than he was today. This day is a gift. Breathe and notice, smell and touch them. Study their face and little feet and pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today, it will be over before… Continue reading Merawat Bayi Prematur Di Rumah {Sharing Mommy Ron}


Parenting a premature baby requires time, patience, love, encouragement, and lots of APPOINMENTS. Watch them grow and learn new milestones. They will amaze you everyday. Saya bersyukur bahwa Ron dilahirkan di RSUP Dr. Sardjito yang pro ASI, memiliki peralatan NICU lengkap, dan memiliki tim medis yang ahli menangani kasus bayi prematur. Jujur sebagai ibu baru… Continue reading SKRINING BAYI PREMATUR {RON DANIEL}


You just came sooner that we had planned. Prematurity they said. NICU they said. Everything was so different, but again what hadn’t changed is that you were still my child and I was still you Mom. If you could do this, so could I. I don’t cry much anymore. I am a strong preemie Mom.… Continue reading FISIOTERAPI ORAL UNTUK BAYI PREMATUR


Having your baby born too soon is like being pushed off a speed boat while it’s going 50+ miles per hour. It keeps going, along with everyone else on it. You, however, are stranded, alone in the water, and you don’t know how to swim. After the initial shock sets in, you realise you must do something, anything to survive. You kick, you scream, you even struggle to breath at times. But one thing is for sure, you don’t drown. All the kicking and screaming only makes you stronger. And before you know it, you are swimming. You might not be doing it perfectly, and you may not know your way to shore at the moment, but you are doing it. ~ Sarah Doyle

Pertama Kali Menyusu dan Kangoroo Mother Care

Malam itu setelah bertemu dengan Ron, saya tidur nyenyak untuk pertama kalinya setelah sekian lama tidak pernah tidur karena kontraksi. Saya belum tahu bahwa tidur nyenyak itu juga adalah tidur nyenyak terakhir sebelum “perjuangan kedua dimulai”. 14 November 2015 Pagi itu untuk pertama kalinya saya mandi dan keramas dibantu oleh suami. Haleluya sujud syukur banget… Continue reading Pertama Kali Menyusu dan Kangoroo Mother Care